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Test de Inglés

Completa este test para evaluar tu nivel. Después, llegarán las respuestas correctas a tu email 🙂

A continuación te enviaremos la información para realizar una prueba más completa en nuestro centro, y si no puedes acudir podemos hacer esta prueba online.

Si vienes a la escuela para evaluar tu nivel de inglés, haremos además prueba de speaking (mediante el ordenador, evaluando tu pronunciación).

  • La prueba se realiza por ordenador, es tipo test y comprende 4 partes: gramática, vocabulario, listening y speaking (pronunciación).


    ¿Cuánto sabes de inglés?

    1.- I work in an office, but my wife ......

    2.- This book is .......

    mymeminethe mine

    3.- "Is that his book?" "No, it´s ..... "

    4.- John can swim, but Alice .....

    5.- I can´t go to the football match because I haven´t got ..... money.

    6.- Yesterday I ..... to the Prado and ...... "Las Meninas."

    7.- The telephone rang when ....., so I couldn't answer it.

    8.- She ..... speak German when she was 6 years old

    9.- What ..... tomorrow night? Would you like to come to a party?

    10.- I’m not going to the zoo, I don’t like ……. animals in cages.

    11.- The people ..... in our building are very nice.

    12.- A new bypass ..... at the moment.

    13.- The teacher told me ..... Spanish in class.

    14.- I´d rather not go ..... an Indian restaurant, I´m not very keen ..... Indian food.

    15.- He'll lose his job ..... he works harder; he's very lazy.

    16.- Everybody knew he ..... from his employer for years.

    17.- We ..... home soon; it's getting late.

    18.- "Is Tom going with you?" "No, we asked ..... along, but he is busy."

    19.- Many accidents are caused because tourists in England ........ on the left-hand side of the road.

    20.- If only I .......... harder when I was a child.

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